L.I.G.O. – Stands for L.F.O.s In Gates Out A comparison modules that takes the input of two CV (or audio) sources, and outputs gates depending on the relationship of those two sources.

(Unnamed) Now Named, Y.A.S.F. Stereo Transistor Ladder Filter – A true stereo ladder filter in the early Moog style with multiple options for CV control and patching. Pairs amazingly well with stereo oscillators, but will turn your mono sources into stereo ones too!

╬╝ni (or Moo-ni for purists) is a side project I undertook as a challenge to shrink the 808 drum circuit down for portable cases. Skiff friendly, and only 4HP, Uni provides that low down oomph, and brings her own unique magic to the party as well. Every barbarian should have one!